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Project Description
Great tool, saving your time

The main goal is to try getaway from time-wasting need of browsing sites with latest news and reading them. Now you only listen your news, just like a radio station. Don't read. Just listen.

This tool gets latest news and pronounces it's headings to you via microsoft speech SDK.
If you found some news intresting, just say "Details" to your PC, right after computer says "Ok", and it will read to you whole summary for that article. Computer can accept commands due to microsoft speech recognition engine.

Tool checks for news updates every 30 minutes (you can adjust it via app.config)
See app.config for settings!

Please Note!
This great tool supports only windows 7 (but without voice recognition), 8 and 8.1 with latest .NET Runtime 4.52 and "en-US" culture. "en-US" language pack must be installed on your computer. See for details.
Also you must install Microsoft Speech Platform - Runtime 11.0

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